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Russell Lands

Russel Lands On Lake Martin

Creating a market presence is one thing. Creating a brand is another thing. Creating and contributing to places people will identify as their home is a special thing.

The Power
Of Place


It’s not about making the logo bigger.
It’s about giving a dream a heartbeat.

People are drawn to their own reflection in where they choose to call home. This 25,000-acre site was a collection of independent neighborhoods but the real value suffered from the lack of an identity and a true a sense of self.


Transform the collection into a branded community.

Here was a place laden with history and purpose, but lacking the cohesion of a brand that would give it the identity, a unique value proposition and the signature stories so vital in perpetuating a valued sense of place. By creating the brand and communicating it to residents and prospects in inspiring ways, we knew the word would spread fast and value would increase beyond expectations.


An inspired idea inspired a dramatic increase in sales.

The brand’s opening campaign centered around the question, “Where will the day take you?” For people who live on a lake, this is the imaginative and motivating message that promises adventure. By painting the picture of all that was available to enjoy in this magnificent place, the response grew and values soared.